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Non Stick Bipolar Forcep

Price: 96300 INR/Piece

Codman Neuro Provide a broad portfolio of reusable forceps sizes and types , including irrigating or non-irrigating , stainless steel or titanium , insulated or non-insulated .They Provide bipolar cutting and coagulating capabilities for a wide range of neurosurgical procedures.

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Integra DuraGen Plus- Adhesion Barrier Matrix

Price: 23000 INR/Pack

DuraGen Secure Matrix features a safe and natural cellulose derivative microlayer that keeps the graft in place 6x better than surface tension alone,1 for secure contact in challenging situations. This unique microlayer is activated by fluid to create safe and temporary hydrostatic attraction between the graft and the dural margins. The microlayer is water soluble and dissolves within 24-72 hours after activation.

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Codman Disposable Perforator

Price: 13200 INR/Piece

The Codman Disposable Perforator is for use in perforating the cranium. When properly used, it is designed to automatically disengage once perforation is accomplished and when pressure is removed from the drill point.


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